Fresh bread is in the bag

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PHOENIX -- A company claims its product will keep your bread fresher longer, but does it work?

You've probably seen the bags that promise to keep your produce lasting longer. Well now, Debbie Meyer has a product that claims to keep your bread lasting longer.

The company claims Debbie Meyer Bread Bags keep your bread fresher 11 days longer and 3 On Your Side wanted to know if they worked.

So, we enlisted the help of Karsh's Bakery in Phoenix and its head bread baker, Frank Nieves, who knows a thing or two about bread.

"I have been with this bakery 28 years," he said.

Nieves says bread should last about five or six days in a regular bag.

"Basically, when the bread stays too long in the bag, it starts getting mold on it," Nieves said.

We showed him the bread bags and the claims that these bread bags extend the life to 11 days. Nieves sliced up two fresh loaves of bread and packaged one in a regular bread bag and another in the Debbie Meyer Bread Bag. We then let them sit not just 11 days but 12 days and then we returned to the bakery for the results.

"You can feel it, this one here feels dry already, this one here feels more soft," Nieves said.

But texture isn't the only difference.

"I could see on mine, the mold is on it," he said. "This one, there is no mold on it."

And how about the taste?

"It is a little dry but not moldy, but it's still edible," Nieves said. "Well, I don't know what the magic is, but this bag seems better."

The 28-year bread veteran thought he had seen everything but says these bags really surprised him.

"When you guys brought it out, I didn't think it was going to work," Nieves said, "but seeing the difference I think it works!"

The bags are $10 and they are reusable. You can find them on the Internet or in Valley stores.