Former ASU student files lawsuit for alleged rape at frat party

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TEMPE -- A former ASU student filed sexual assault charges against an ASU fraternity this week.

Lashawn Jenkins represents a woman who says she was sexually assaulted at a toga party hosted by ASU's Sigma Chi fraternity in 2008. Jenkins says the victim was underage at the time, and was rendered unconscious after being served an adulterated alcoholic drink.

"She woke up naked, without her clothes and with severe pain," Jenkins said.

According to Jenkins, the victim said she was raped and sodomized by at least one of the Sigma Chi members. When the woman went to a hospital, an examination confirmed that she was sexually assaulted.

Court documents show that Sigma Chi has been cited for numerous other violations as well. In 2003, Sigma Chi was put on probation for hazing and forced drug use. A year later, the mother of a female student complained about forced sexual acts against her daughter. In 2007, a sexual assault by fraternity members was reported to police. The list continues, and it includes complaints of drug and alcohol violations, violence and vandalism.

All of this, Jenkins said, led up to what happened the night his client was drugged and sexually assaulted.

"We believe that this was all a conspiracy and all planned out in order to make sure the girls were incapacitated and drunk, to ultimately perform these sexual assaults that we have identified in the complaint," Jenkins said.

Two of the fraternity's members are named in the suit along with the local Sigma Chi chapter at ASU.

Michael Dunn, Sigma Chi's executive director based in Illinois, responded to news of the lawsuit.

"Sigma Chi takes it seriously -- these are not the type of actions that are acceptable," Dunn said. "If the allegations are true, we will get to the bottom of it."

The victim has not pressed criminal charges against the fraternity or any of its members. The woman stopped attending ASU shortly after this incident, citing severe post traumatic stress. Jenkins says they are seeking damages of at least $500,000.