Scottsdale man charged twice for granddaughter's gift

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SCOTTSDALE -- A Scottsdale man says he got "double dipped" on a present he recently bought for his granddaugther so he contacted 3 On Your Side for some help.

No one likes paying twice for something, but a Scottsdale man says it happened to him.

Now, the man says he tried to resolve the problem directly with the company but got nowhere and the amount is more than $300.

You could say little 5-year-old Jolena has a twin. Everything about them is basically the same. Everthing matches and, according to Jolena's grandpa, William Arroyo, it's supposed to be that way. That's the reason he bought the doll to begin with.

"The doll could be just like your child, same color, same eyes, you could even dress the baby," he said.

Arroyo ordered the doll as a Christmas present from a company called My Twinn and he paid around $165.

When he made the order, Arroyo says he used a Visa gift card and after providing the credit card information he threw the card away.

"The point was when we made the purchase we used a gift card because I didn't want to use our card on the Internet," he said.

Unfortunately, when the first doll arrived Arroyo says it didn't look like Jolena because the hair was the wrong color so he contacted My Twinn.

"We had to purchase another one first and return this one and provide a tracking number," Arroyo said.

The second doll arrived and although My Twinn returned Arroyo's original $165 purchase amount, they put it back on his gift card -- a gift card that no longer existed because he threw it away.

"We were flabbergasted and that's why my wife called Channel 3," Arroyo said.

3 On Your Side got a hold of My Twinn and acknowledged that they already returned the money once and there wasn't much they could do.

However, they did agree to absorb the cost and reissue another $165 refund, this time as a check that Arroyo and his family should be getting any day.

Now, not only is Jolena happy but so are her grandparents.

By the way, thanks to My Twinn for absorbing the cost and reissuing a refund at my request.

In the meantime. My Twinn did release a statement regarding the matter:

"My Twinn is happy to have assisted in this refund and we are glad we were able to get the My Twinn customer a beautiful Twinn doll for their special girl for the Holidays. My Twinn creates one-of-a-kind personalized dolls designed to look like children ages 3-12. A handcrafted My Twinn doll makes the perfect gift - a cuddly companion today and a cherished keepsake in the years to come. Our artisans create each doll using the finest quality vinyl for faces and limbs and a soft, fully pose able body for playability. Matching girl and doll clothing, stylish accessories and unique furniture enhance the My Twinn experience. Visit us at"