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Come as you are. Leave as you want to be!

About Nick Christe
Mountainside Fitness expert Nick Christe appears regularly on “Your Life A-Z” with his informative segments teaching the basics on health and fitness. Being the “People’s Champ of Fitness,” Nick has made it his life’s endeavor to bring the complicated world of diet and exercise to the people in an easy to understand, simplified view that will have anyone tuning in, wanting more!

Nick has been in the fitness industry for nearly a decade. Working at the YMCA as a part time personal trainer while pursuing a degree in Vocal Music Performance, Nick put his God given talent to the side to help others in their fitness goals. Losing nearly 100lbs himself in high school, Nick understands what it takes to transform one’s self using hard work and determination.

Nick, having owned a successful boot camp company in Michigan while writing the fitness column for his local newspaper, wanted to further change lives on a larger scale. Nick relocated to sunny Arizona 7 years ago and has already made his mark in our industry with distinguished clientele such as Boyd W. Dunn (Chandler, AZ Mayor), assisted Joe D’Amico (CEO Apollo Group) with nutritional counseling and outlined a fitness regimen for Brenton Del Chiaro (former Los Angeles Angels professional baseball player). 

Nick served one term in the United States Navy, following in the footsteps as his father, a retired Navy SEAL. Nick now takes the discipline he received as a child and teaches others how to self motivate. Nick’s “never leave anyone behind” attitude, allows him to not only change lives, but save them!

“When I first met Nick Christe I weighed 313 pounds. Nick advised me and worked me out 2 to 3 times a week. I dropped 15 pounds a month and lost 90 pounds by the Super bowl last year with the Cardinals and Steelers. I now weigh 206 pounds! Nick challenged every aspect of my fitness regime and kept me engaged in the process. He is inspirational and encouraging. I now have a new outlook and motto that keeps me going “I Am Stronger than I Think I Am!” Every day is now a gift thanks to Nick’s guidance!” Bill Smith – Farmers Insurance Agent

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