Freeing the emotional body

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As we access deeper layers of sensory awareness, tensions that have built up that may have been hidden within the body tissues will be more obvious. When we connect to the physical body, we deepen our awareness of other aspects of our being, like the mind, our thought patterns and our emotional state. With every thought there is a chemical reaction within our form. This ultimately effects how we feel and either engages us in a sense of well being or depletes our energy levels. When our thoughts are uplifting, we tend to have an easier time in the world, engaging in our activities with a sense of balance and purpose. Yet, if we are not in a state of contentment, joy, or feeling harmonious within, does just changing the thought pattern change the response of our emotions?
The yoga journey takes us deep into the facia, the areas of the body where emotions tend get stuck, stored, and start to fester as deep seeded thought patterns waiting for the next opportunity to react and release. Yoga postures are not only effective in isolating our awareness in the moment (increasing focus, strength and stamina); they assist one in accessing these deeply held tensions as a catalyst to release pent up anger, fear, aggression, and stress.
As a newcomer to yoga, this may not be the intent, to feel the discomfort or to access these blocked areas, but as we source the breath within the posture, we begin to see a world of possibility beyond the discomfort or stress, we begin to relax into the discomfort and experience a sense of freedom within the form.
So how does this lead to freedom on other levels? A wise man once said, "You're issues are in your tissues."
When we are willing to feel and release tension within the physical body, we then begin to let go of trapped emotions in the emotional body. Why is this so important?
Trapped emotions cause of stress, anxiety, and fatigue. When we are exhausted, afraid, or depressed, we must release the emotion or it will take hold in our physical bodies and become a stored energy that ends up playing out its course as illness, weight gain, mental or emotional imbalances.
Today, we are talking about taking responsibility for our own HAPPINESS, ONE BREATH AT A TIME.
Get ready for gentle and supportive HIP OPENERS!
Kali Ray