Tucson High student location details

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Tucson Police ordered the evacuation of Tucson High School this morning due to a threat.

TUSD is taking students to nearby Roskruge Elementary and Bear Down Gym on the UA campus.

Update: The McKale Center location has been changed to Bear Down Gym.

  • Students who drive or ride buses will be evacuated to Roskruge School per the Tucson High evacuation plan.
  • Students who ride buses will be put on a bus at approximately 11:45 AM and taken home from Roskruge School.
  • Students who drive will need to secure parent permission via phone to leave OR they can show driver’s license and an adult will walk him/her to her car.  No passengers except siblings will be allowed.
  • Students who walk or ride the city bus will be evacuated to Bear Down Gym at the University of Arizona and need to secure parent permission via phone to leave. 
  • Parents may pick up walking students at Bear Down Gym at the University of Arizona.
  • All students who cannot secure parent permission as required above, will be at Roskruge School for the remainder of the day or until they can secure parent permission.  This means that students evacuated to Bear Down Gym will return to Roskruge after the bus students are gone.  It was important to separate bus students from walking students – this is the reason students are temporarily relocated to Bear Down Gym.  They will be at Roskruge if they cannot secure parent permission to leave. 
  • Food service is preparing 1,500 additional meals to be delivered at Roskruge School. 
  • All parents wishing to give their student permission to leave should call the child’s mobile phone and talk to the adult assigned to that student or call 520-240-5959.