Phoenix woman finds body lying in the road

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PHOENIX - Phoenix police are investigating a body found on 24th Avenue near Baseline Road.

A woman was driving on the road on her way to her sister's house when she saw what at first she thought was a mannequin lying in to the road. When she stopped and got out of her car, she realized it was a body.

Yolanda Morena found the black man with his feet on the curb next to the housing community where she lives.

Phoenix police believe the man was shot to death, but are unsure of if the shooting happened at the same place where the unidentified man's body was found.

The area is a fairly isolated area, but Morena said the area has recently come alive at night with lots of dogs barking and activity.

Phoenix police said they didn't get any shots-fired calls last night when they believe the man was shot, so that leads them to believe the victim was not shot at the location where the body was found.

Investigators are working to identify the man and pinpoint if he was shot and dumped in that location or shot on scene.