San Antonio police plan to search landfill for missing Tempe baby

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SAN ANTONIO - It's been tough to get anything out of the San Antonio investigators looking into a missing baby from Tempe.

From day one they have been tight-lipped about the case, but Friday night the San Antonio police chief confirmed they're still operating under the assumption that baby Gabriel is alive.

"We have not opened a homicide case," said Chief Bill McManus. "We're still considering it a missing persons case. And we're meeting to determine how to proceed in the next couple days."

The chief said the case will take a major step forward next week by searching a San Antonio landfill. The chief called the landfill "a place of interest" in the baby Gabriel search.

His officers are still in the planning process, but they've cordoned off a section of the landfill, staked it out and figured out how deep they'll have to dig and prevented any more garbage from being dumped on the site.

Gabriel was last seen in Texas, December 26 with his mother.