Anti-Arpaio Facebook group publishes location of Sheriff's house

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PHOENIX - A new Facebook group created to remove Sheriff Joe Arpaio from power has been the cause of controversy after one of the page's members posted the location of the Sheriff's home.

The group, which has grown to over 8,000 members in a single week, includes commentary about Arpaio, pictures taken from protests and information about future demonstrations. One of the latest posts, however, included a map to the Sheriff's home in Fountain Hills and a satellite picture of the property.

3TV showed the images to Arpaio, who expressed concern about publicizing such information.

"I think they have some motive," Arpaio said. "I don't think they're selling tours to my house."

The group was created by Devin Fleenor, who was inspired by an anti-Arpaio protest last weekend. He said the goal of the group was to unite voters against Arpaio, rather than encourage violence.

"Like him or not, I don't think (talk of violence against the Sheriff) is going to help our cause," Fleenor said, explaining that it would only be fuel for Arpaio supporters.

Sheriff Arpaio says threats against him are increasing, and he told his security detail about the posting.

Fleenor, however, says he has been deleting references to violence against Arpaio, and he has taken down the map to his house.