Learning more about suspects identified in Gilbert officer's death

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GILBERT - Although questions still remain about the two suspects apprehended after Thursday night's shooting, it is now clear that each of the men had a history of criminal behavior.

Police investigators say that Daimen Irizarry, 35, who was the alleged driver in Thursday's shooting, had been previously convicted of aggravated assault.

Christopher Angel Redondo, 31, of Globe, the suspect who allegedly shot and killed Lt. Eric Shuhandler from the passenger seat, had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Investigators say that he had previously been sentenced out of Gila County on several charges, including child/adult abuse and aggravated assault. Redondo was released from prison in June of 2008 after serving a four-year sentence.

After looking into court records, 3TV's Kristine Harrington found that Redondo's criminal record stretches back over 15 years, and it includes a violent attack against an officer. According to court records, Redondo plead guilty to aggravated assault on a DPS officer in Mesa in 2002. The police report stated Redondo was the passenger of a car that was pulled over, and when he was patted down Redondo pulled out a pair of needle nose pliers. He then punched an officer and proceeded to fight with officers for about three minutes.

Redondo served 10 days in jail and was put on probation.

In addition, court records showed Redondo had been convicted of at least 17 other felonies, including domestic violence, drug possession, assault and harassment.

3TV's Carina Sonn traveled to Redondo's house in Globe, but his family did not want to comment.

Redondo and Irizarry were both taken to Valley hospitals after being shot in the legs by police. Both of the suspects remain in stable condition and are expected to survive.