Picture perfect ending for family that was out $200

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PHOENIX -- This is a happy ending that kind of came out of nowhere.

3 On Your Side recently featured a story on a Valley family who paid a pretty big photography studio for some family photos. But after taking the money, the company went bankrupt, leaving the Aubrey family out $200 and out their photos until we got involved.

"I just feel grateful and happy and ecstatic," Angela Aubrey said.

Aubrey's feelings today are much different than they were when we recently featured her family on 3 On Your Side.

Aubrey was upset with a photo studio called Kiddie Kandids. She and her family paid the studio $200 for some great family photos.

Aubrey said for $200, she was supposed to pick up a CD with all of the photos, but Kiddie Kandids closed down days after taking her money.

"They're just priceless to me," Aubrey said. "I would do anything to just get my hand on the CD."

After 3 On Your Side's news report aired, a former Kiddie Kandids employee was able to obtain Aubrey's CD and gave it to 3 On Your Side and we gave it to her.

"At least now I can print them and put them into the frames that I bought that have been sitting in a plastic bag that I haven't been able to use," she said.

A picture-perfect moment Aubrey says wouldn't have been possible without 3 On Your Side.

Although I'm happy we were able to help the Aubreys out, there are so many other customers who have been left stranded.

If you're a customer who bought photos and put it on your credit card, I strongly encourage you to call your credit card company to dispute the charge. If you paid by cash, check or by debit card you're probably out that money.