Valley woman upset after she can't get HealthMaster replaced

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GOODYEAR -- A Goodyear woman says she loves her juicer, but she's having issues with the gadget's extended warranty.

"I love my juicer," Cami Torres said. "I use it for juicing vegetables and fruits."

Torres said when it comes to keeping healthy, she really depends on her juicer.

"I have a condition I'm trying to treat," she said. "It's not something that I can cure by any means, but I can definitely live feeling better so that juicer right there is like a godsend."

It's called the Living Well HealthMaster and Torres said when she saw the commercial for it, it seemed perfect for her.

So, she purchased the HealthMaster and says juicing fruits and vegetables seems to have really improved her health.

"It's been awesome," she said. "My energy has come back."

Unfortunately, Torres said she started having problems with the pitcher.

"All of a sudden it started leaking," she said. "I noticed this brown stuff coming out of the bottom and I thought maybe it was oil."

Torres said she had bought an extended warranty just in case something broke. It was an extended warranty for three years, which was to expedite any kinds of repairs.

But every time she calls for a replacement pitcher she says she gets the runaround. One of the last times she called HealthMaster she says the company didn't even know she had a problem.

"So far, this product is really awesome, but the service is really bad," Torres said.

So, Torres says she contacted 3 On Your Side for some help.

"I'm lost without it," she said. "I want it back."

3 On Your Side contacted the company and they claim they're not quite sure why Torres had so many problems, but they are now sending her a brand-new HealthMaster to make things right.