Human remains found that may be killer's roommate

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

GLENDALE – Human remains have been found that detectives say may be linked to the death of Cynthia Langrall, the jogger who was shot and killed in December.

Investigators from Glendale police traveled to northern Arizona on December 30 to follow up on Langrall’s murder. The investigators helped process the crime scene where Greg Hawkins, Langrall’s suspected killer, had shot and killed himself and found a GPS device.

Forensics experts were brought into the investigation and were able to extract information from the GPS device. The information showed a location of interest to detectives south of Kingman off of Interstate 40.

Law enforcement searched the area late Thursday morning and found human remains belonging to a male.

The remains had clothing that detectives say appears to match what James Keefer was last seen wearing. Keefer was Hawkins’ roommate and there were seen together on surveillance footage on December 20 in a Wickenburg convenience store.

The Mohave County Sheriff’s Department is working with the Glendale and Peoria Police Departments to determine a positive identification on the human remains.