Goodyear police investigate human bones

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GOODYEAR - Goodyear police were out at the scene until late Wednesday night, then up again early Thursday morning looking and marking where all the human bones were found.

A high school student found the skeletal remains near South Estrella Parkway and Dry Creek road in the Estrella Mountain Ranch community.

"We run it mostly, a couple of times a week at least or something," said Estrella Mountain Ranch resident Kris Yee. But on Thursday Kris Yee and her friend Maggie Trimmer had to stop running after noticing their beautiful desert landscape was obstructed with a line of Goodyear police vehicles and saguaro's wrapped in yellow crime tape.

It did not take long for word to spread that human bones were discovered in the secluded community. It is believed last week's powerful storms might have unearthed the shallow buried remains. The water then scattered them throughout the desert and into a nearby wash.

"We were hoping they were really old remains," said Estrella Mountain Ranch resident Maggie Trimmer "not that that makes it any better, but to have something recently occur is, scary. We have our children and families to think about."

Goodyear police says it was a student leaving the local high school who discovered the bones. "Based on the appearance of the bones," said Goodyear police Detective Sergeant Joe Pinuelas "we're estimating minimum four months, could be out there a little longer than that, the forensic anthropologist will actually make that determination when she does the exam." That exam is scheduled for Friday but may not happen until next week.

"We moved up here and live up here because we're away from the city and crime and you feel safe up here and you don't expect bad things to happen but you do have to be aware that things can happen no matter where you live," said Trimmer.

Detective Sergeant Pinuelas said they have a pretty good idea who this person was after finding some clothing with the bones, but continue to say they are not going to release that name until the medical examiner comes back and verifies it is exactly who they think it is.