'Optimism' rapidly diminishing that Baby Gabriel will be found alive

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TEMPE - A source very close to the investigation into the disappearance of Baby Gabriel tells 3TV's Mike Watkiss that "optimism is rapidly diminishing" among local law offices that Gabriel will be found alive.

Detectives in Arizona are working very closely with law enforcement in Texas, according to our source, as the focus of the investigation turns to a landfill in San Antonio, Texas.

The source tells 3TV portions of the landfill have now been cordoned off in possible preparation for a full-blown search of the areas in question. The cordoned-off areas are believed to be the locations where trash from the two motels where mom Elizabeth Johnson stayed during her time in Texas would have been deposited.

The source tells Watkiss that a K-9 has been used to search the cordoned-off areas, but a full-blown shovel-and-rake dig in the areas has not yet been undertaken.

The source tells Watkiss that Jack and Tammi Smith, the Scottsdale couple who at one point planned to adopt Gabriel, remain persons of interest in the case.