ASU admissions deadline leads to fees for applicant

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PHOENIX - Many students would be lucky to get accepted into even one university, but Jill Bildilli was accepted into two.

Jill worked hard in high school, maintaining good grades, even earning advance college credits, and it paid off.

When Jill graduated from Arcadia High School last spring, she applied to Arizona State University and the University of Arizona, and was accepted to both.

When many of her high school friends decided on U of A, Jill decided to become a Wildcat too.

So why would ASU send her a bill for $425, a bill set to go to collections January 21?

“So I was just freaked out. I knew I wouldn't be able to pay it, there's no way,” Jill continued, “and right then was when I e-mailed 3 On Your Side.”

The bill shows Jill is being charged a late cancellation fee of $300, and another $125 fee for living and dining confirmation.

Jill says she tried notifying ASU of her non-attendance over the phone and even says she e-mailed admissions twice through her Yahoo account.

But ASU requires non-attendance confirmation be sent through your ASU e-mail, which serves as your electronic signature.

Jill claims she didn't know that until the fees had been charged.

“I just want to revoke this because it’s ridiculous what they're trying to charge me. I just want them to understand they can't do that to people, it's unfair,” Jill said.

Although Jill disputes it, ASU tells 3 On Your Side she did in fact confirm she'd be attending ASU, and officially notified them of her non-attendance after the fall deadline.

But, ASU says, out of good faith, it dropped $400 worth of fees.

“So much stress let off my shoulders it was ridiculous, I started to cry because I was so stressed out about it,” Jill said.

She is still responsible for a $25 non-reversible dorm fee, but says she's already paid that, and is relieved that thanks to 3 On Your Side’s help, she won't be so strapped for cash, and she won't begin her college career with bad credit.

“To get it taken care of is a lot, it really helped me out,” Jill said.

A note for incoming freshman, if you do confirm anything with ASU and then change your mind, the deadline to submit notification of non-attendance for the fall semester is May 1.