Risotto carnaroli with sausage and butternut squash

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Risotto carnaroli 1 lb
Onions 1 oz
White wine .5 cup
Sausage 4 oz
Butternut squash 3 oz
Chicken stock 1 qt
Butter 1 oz
Parmigiano 1 oz
Sea salt to taste

The butternut will be split in half and seasoned with sea salt and xv olive oil, cook on a sheet pan at 375 degrees until soft, let cool and peel.        
Sauté onions and add risotto until translucent, add wine and let evaporate until rice starts to get sticky.
Start adding hot chicken stock slowly, lower the heat and don’t stir the risotto.
Season sausage and cook half way in a separate pan.
Keep adding liquid until risotto is almost al dente, then cut sausages and add it to it.
Keep cooking then add squash, Take off stove and finish with butter and parmigiano.