Achieve Rose Byrne's stunning red carpet look

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Harry Josh, John Frieda International Creative Consultant, shares his styling secrets with easy-to-use tips and tricks to achieve Rose Byrne's stunning red carpet look from last week’s Golden Globes.

This is a look created for Rose Byrne, nominated at the Golden Globes, and recreating so women at home can see how easy it really is to get star style at home.

I went for old school Hollywood style with a modern twist. The shape and silhouette is classic, but I roughed it up a little and loosened the waves to make the look less up tight.

  • Everyone everywhere wants big, voluminous waves and my goal is for women to learn how to do that at home – it’s not as difficult as people may think. It looks very intricate but it’s not.
  • The most important thing to remember is product – John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume line is a must for this look. The product is everywhere, not something us fancy hairstylists are having flown in from Europe. You can literally pick up at the drugstore wherever you are.
  • Before you start styling, apply Luxurious Volume mousse from root to tip right on dry hair. Most people don’t know that you can apply to dry hair but doing so really gives you maximum hold and the texture you need to help the waves set and stay in all night.
  • Once you have the product in, let hair air dry or blow dry with a round brush in sections.
  • To get sharp ridges like Rose that everyone dreams of and like you see here, you just need an iron. In order to get this wave all you need to do is grab a section of hair and wrap hair around it – on maximum heat.
  • Hold the hair on the iron for a few seconds and then release – and you have the perfect bend and curl. Brush out until you reach your desired wave and then finish with the Luxurious Volume hairspray to hold the style all day.
  • If you want to pump up the look for a night out all you need to do is run your hands through hair and bring new life to it. Then finish with another spritz of hairspray.
  • Big hair is the way to go. Super easy and really brings the red carpet look home!