Moving company steps up after smashing client's television

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PHOENIX - Diana Regazzi sits at the kitchen table, a vibrant and colorful senior citizen, she talks a lot with her hands,  "I watch a lot of news," she tells us.  "News, History Channel, Home and Garden."  Regazzi calls TV her window to the world, "Actually I do a lot of listening because I'm here all alone; I have nobody to talk to."

Late last year, Regazzi moved to a new house in the suburban area of San Tan Valley.  After spotting an ad in the Yellow Pages, she hired a company called Arizona Discount Movers.  The ad caught her eye because the company is family owned and they offer discounts to seniors.  Also, they advertise special handling of big screen TVs. Perfect because Regazzi had a relatively new big screen LCD TV that she spent $896 dollars on, a lot of money -- especially for someone on a fixed income.

She says, come moving day, everything seemed fine; the movers worked hard and she didn't notice any damage to her furniture or electronics when they left. 

But Regazzi says when she and her friend went to turn the big screen on, there was nothing but color bars.  

She showed us the spot where she believes the mover put his shoulder against the screen to brace it, leaving a big fracture (only visible after the TV was turned on).  

Regazzi maintains the TV was in perfect working order before the move, "I had an extended warranty on it for two years" she says, "If there was something wrong, I would have called."

After the move, the TV was ruined and ended up in a box in the garage.  Regazzi says when she contacted the company she was told, "We're gonna give you $100."  Her response, "You can't even buy a used TV for $100!"

Frustrated and feeling cut off from the outside world, Regazzi decided to buy another big screen - another $900!  And she decided to write to 3 On Your Side for help.

3 On Your Side contacted Arizona Discount Movers and they agreed to split the total cost of the TV with Regazzi saying, in part:

"We are willing to send the $448 in good faith because unlike many companies we were blessed this year. It's unfortunate that sometimes damage occurs and it is not always easy to pinpoint the cause.  We are always willing to do what is just, moral and fair." 

Not only that, Arizona Discount Movers said they wanted to donate a big screen to the charity of Regazzi's choice to show good faith.  She chose Phoenix Children's Hospital and today the moving company dropped that donation off at our television station. 3 On Your Side will make sure it gets to the right place; to the kids who are going through a rough time. 

Diana Regazzi says she very much appreciates the company stepping up.  And she's glad she called 3 On Your Side to help make it happen.

"Being alone and being a senior," Regazzi says, "It's very important that you come to my rescue and other people's, too.  So I thank you very much for coming to help."

When we left Diana Regazzi, she was sitting down to get comfortable on the couch, ready to watch one of her favorite shows on the Home and Garden Network.