Firefighters who fell through roof of burning home: Our gear saved our lives

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PHOENIX -- Two Phoenix firefighters who fell through the roof of a burning home say they owe their lives to their protective gear.

The firefighters were trying to cut a hole in the roof of a house near 28th and Grovers avenues Monday night. The roof gave way and one of the firefighters fell through the attic and into the fire.

A captain who also was up on the roof tried to grab him, but ended up falling himself. He fell through the flames, landing on the floor below. The first firefighter was rescued by his colleagues; the captain was able to walk out the front door.

Firefighters said this easily could have ended another way.

"If he hadn't had his proper gear on and had it on correctly, this could have been a tragedy, really" said Capt. Dorian Jackson of the Phoenix Fire Department. "These guys did not suffer any injury whatsoever."

The fire started when an 18-year-old got into a fight with his parents and pulled a knife.

The parents fled. Police said that's when the teen set the house on fire. The flames started in the bedroom and then spread quickly to the attic from there.

That teen, identified as Angel Javier Gonzalez, was arrested.

The firefighters who fell are doing just fine. Jackson said they remained on duty.