'Move Over' bill involving tow truck drivers discussed by lawmakers

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PHOENIX – Drivers may soon have to modify their habits when seeing a car with flashing lights parked along one of the state’s highways.

A bill would require drivers to "move over" when a tow truck driver or maintenance team is on the side of the roadway. The bill is making its way through the legislature.

It seems like a simple thing to do to move over if you have a chance to protect anyone working alongside a busy highway.  

Not doing so can have tragic consequences as we saw two years ago in the death of a tow truck operator and a stranded motorist along the 202 freeway.

Jessie Gault was the tow truck driver and his death prompted an emotional outpouring of support from his fellow truck operators.  

It has taken almost two years for a bill requiring drivers to move over for tow truck drivers and highway maintenance workers to receive a hearing in the state legislature. On Monday it was unanimously passed by a senate committee.

Drivers are already required to move over for police officers stopped along freeways.