Splurge vs. steal: Budget beauty deals

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Finding a budget beauty buy in today's economy is a thrill.  It is even better when the less expensive find works just as well as a similar item that is priced much higher.  So, watch today's segment that I am calling Splurge vs. Steal to see budget beauty deals that you just have to know about! 

First Up:  Fab Shoes for Way Less!

A big thank you goes out to my gal pal and azfamily.com Web producer Catherine Holland for telling me about a cool place where all women's shoes sell for only $9.88!  Located on the southwest corner of 44th Street and Thomas Road, Wholesale Fashion Shoes has flats, pumps, dress shoes, sandals, purses and even boots.  And everything is under ten bucks!  Talk about a fab find!  So, I ventured over to this steal of a shoe store and was pleasantly surprised to find a big variety of shoes with a lot of available sizes and styles that go all the way up to size 11.  They are open Wednesday through Sunday with more information at their website at www.WholeSaleFashionShoes.net.  Check out the segment to see a $10 pump from Wholesale Fashion Shoes compared to a $200 heel from the department stores.  Although the higher priced shoe comes from a designer label, the pairs look almost identical. 

Longer Lashes for Less
With the growing popularity of lash lengtheners like Latisse and Revitalash, I am not surprised that beauty companies got busy creating an over the counter competitor.  L'OREAL now sells a lash serum that is applied at night,  just like the expensive ones, called 24-Hour Lash Boosting Power System.  And for $25 you can get the serum along with a mascara that boasts a lash boosting primer.  L'OREAL explains on their website that this new product contains a unique pro-keratin complex of fortifying amino acids, Panthenol and Ceramide to boost lash growth.  The product is ophthalmologist and allergy tested and the company says it is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. 

I have not tried L'OREAL's version, but my Walgreen's beauty consultant tells me that customers are flocking in to buy it.  They like it as an alternative to the much more expensive Latisse and Revitalash brands which sell for $80 and up depending on which one you purchase and where you buy the product. Furthermore, Latisse can only be obtained through a prescription, so customers like the over-the-counter convenience of the L'OREAL lash serum.   

Celeb Must-Have Mascara For Less
I first learned about the spherical mascara wand from a celebrity favorites page in a fashion magazine.  Stars were said to like the Givenchy mascara that comes with a unique little ball applicator as opposed to a long wand.  However, that bold little ball mascara sells for $28 at Sephora, so I was thrilled to find a similar one by L'OREAL for only $9.49 at Walgreen's. 

Award Winning Face Cream For A Fraction of the Cost
In a study done by Good Housekeeping Research Institute, Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Cream hydrated skin cells better than several leading creams that retail in fine department stores for up to $350. In fact, as an example, if you place the $350 La Prairie face cream next to the $25 Olay jar, you will notice that the containers are exactly the same size at 1.7 oz. each. However, the La Prairie comes in a glitzy round silver box placed inside another big fancy box and the container has an oversized lid. So you end up paying the price for all of that attractive packaging that is unnecessary.  And this is one splurge vs. steal purchase that has earned the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.

Ring Bling & Star Styles for Less
When it comes to splurge vs. steal when accessorizing like the celebrities, we have two great boutiques right in our backyard that buys the nice knock-offs from Hollywood.  The Purple Skirt in Ahwatukee, located at 48th Street and Chandler Blvd., regularly stocks the stuff that the stars wear, but at much lower prices.  To see some examples, watch the segment to see big flashy cocktail rings that sell for $23 and the popular chain ribbon necklace that goes for $39 compared to the thousands of dollars celebrities spend to get a similar look.

Marvelous Makeup Lines for Less
Two lower priced lines that I have tried and been impressed with are Wet n Wild and E.L.F., which stands for Eyes, Lips, Face.  E.L.F. is really a stand-out with all of their products selling for only one buck!  Makeup, nail polish and more from E.LF. can be found at Target, Big Lots and at eyelipsface.com.  I recently tested an E.L.F. nail polish that cost me one dollar compared to OPI that set me back nine bucks.  I thought that the E.L.F. actually lasted longer and I loved how smoothly the product swept my nails as I painted away!  Plus their nail polish is infused with Vitamin E for stronger nails and the polish contains no formaldehyde or DBP, so this one dollar bottle has less chemicals to boot!

Wet n Wild is the other low priced line that I recommend.  I especially like their mascara and eye shadow that sells for under three bucks each.  Both lines exceeded my expectations and  not my wallet.  I just love that!

With beauty deals like these, you will spend less, but get more.  And these brilliant beauty buys will keep your beauty and life on a budget!