Cave Creek couple's home teetering on the edge of wash

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CAVE CREEK - A Cave Creek home is teetering on the edge of a cliff as    the ground underneath the home has been giving way with all the rain this week.

The home is located near 48th Street and the Carefree Highway right above the Cave Creek Wash.

Light rain started up again on Friday night and if the rain and winds pick up tonight and this weekend this Cave Creek couple who owns the home could see part of their home crumble.

But only time will tell and tonight the couple is not taking any chances as they've cleared out their keepsakes and have left the house.

The water that gushes beneath Mort Copenhavers house is still eating away at his property tonight since it formed from torrential downpour yesterday.

The wash has taken a chunk of his back yard, and now threatens to bring his bedroom crashing down.

Vice Mayor Ernie Bunch was surprised by the storm's strength.

Local fire crews first got word of the house crumbling early Friday and spent the day trying to help the Copenhavers get their keepsakes out of the house.

The master bedroom was an addition to the original house structure built back in 1988 and is right now the only part of the house that officials believe is at risk of crumbling.

The Copenhavers, who built Copenhaver Castle on Camelback Mountain, have voluntarily packed up and left their home for now.

Copenhaver said it will likely have to be leveled eventually, but he's thankful it wasn't worse.