Crews busy with water rescues in Tolleson

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PHOENIX - Crews were busy at a flood water rescue near 91st Avenue and Broadway in Tolleson.

Our helicopter spotted rescue crews using long lines to pull a man to safety, after a campsite got washed out.

In the last couple hours on Friday, crews pulled seven people to safety.

The people who had to be flown to safety say the water came up really quickly, stranding them out on sandbars.

One by one, six men were flown to safety.

While they were flying those rescues, firefighters noticed a man waving at them from the top of a tree.

He said he grabbed his id, grabbed a life jacket and climbed up a tree.   

"I climbed up, heard choppers, waved the life jacket four times,” Joe Cardoza said. “Not sure if he saw at first so I kept going around like this."

But police are talking to the drivers and are considering charging them with a stupid motorist law violation.