Bride returns unwanted wedding dress but refund is nowhere in sight

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PHOENIX -- A Valley woman and her daughter say they have a $500 problem they can't seem to resolve so they contacted 3 On Your Side for some help.

This all involves a wedding dress.

Amber Maxson found what she thought was the perfect wedding dress so she bought it. But after trying it on, it wasn't exactly what she thought.

Now, she just wants a refund.

Maxson loves the outdoors and her horse. She is getting married soon and she and her fiance want a wedding that fits their personality. So, Maxson is planning what she kind of calls a "rustic" wedding.

"We're wanting to make it classy and romantic and something that describes us," she said.

Part of the planning called for Maxson finding a wedding dress that she could wear with, well, boots, of course.

Maxson and her mom did find something offered by a company called Newport News based out of Virginia. So Maxson's mom bought it and paid $480. But Maxson and her mom weren't exactly thrilled when it arrived in the mail.

"When she tried it on, it just wasn't right so we boxed it up and sent it back right away," said Maxson's mom, Connie.

Newport News clearly states they have no problem with customers returning items, but according to Maxson's mom, there is a problem getting her money back.

The wedding dress was returned six weeks ago, but the $480 has not been credited back to their credit card.

"In times like this, we're trying to afford a wedding and they're playing with our money," Connie said.

3 On Your Side got a hold of Newport News and after we did the company immediately issued a refund to Maxson's mom's credit card.

That's all this mom and daughter team say they wanted and are happy to get the money back.

"It's hard, we need that money for other things," Maxson said.

Newport News sweetened the pot even more by crediting Connie $20 to cover interest on her credit card and they say they're also mailing her a $50 gift card to use for a future purchase.