DPS to Flagstaff residents: Stay home if you can

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FLAGSTAFF -- The Department of Public Safety is warning people to stay off the roads in Flagstaff if at all possible as the storm intensifies and makes driver conditions extremely hazardous.

Snow was falling in Flagstaff early Thursday and it was raining in central Phoenix as a powerful winter storm began moving through the state.

Forecasters are urging residents to postpone travel if possible.

Snowfall in the Flagstaff area will approach record highs, and forecasters say the storm will bring in more than half of the rain Phoenix typically sees in a year.

Flagstaff residents are bracing for up to 4 feet of snow, while southeastern Arizona's high terrain could get up to 2 feet.

Forecasters say the Phoenix area could receive more than 5 inches of rain, while Tucson is expected to get up to 2 inches.

Flash flood, blizzard, high wind and winter storm watches were posted around the state.

The storm is the third this week.