Halibut with an Asian chile bean sauce

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5 oz. Halibut
Your Choice of vegetables & preparation
2 oz. Chile Bean Sauce

In a heated sauté pan add in Halibut & cook until desired temp.
Prepare desired vegetables for the Halibut.
In another sauté pan take Chile Bean Sauce & heat. Then gently pour over Halibut & desired vegetables.

Chile bean sauce recipe
¼ cup Chicken Broth (canned is acceptable)
2 tbsp chile bean paste “tobanjan” (purchase at any Asian market)
½ tbsp soy sauce lite
½ tbsp sugar
Kosher salt (tt)-to taste
Cornstarch slurry

Combine all ingredients & mix well except cornstarch slurry in a sauce pot.
Bring sauce to a boil & then add in cornstarch slurry to the consistency you like.