Setting an intention: The power of the mind

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"All we have to do, is stand up, show up, breathe, and observe."
-Kali Ray Torres

Building a solid foundation of alignment in the physical form is linked to the polarites of opposites. When we connect to the physical, we also integrate the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being. When we establish strength in our bodies, we develop a "can do" attitude to life. Simultaneously, when we are mobile, flexible, and fluid in our joints, we are fluid in the transitions from place to place, work to play. Yoga is where doing and being unite. When there is a balance between active and passive application, the systems of the body, the mind, and the spirit, all start to integrate. This is the "yoga" of Yoga. Quite often people think of Yoga as the posture, when "yoga" is actually what happens through moving into the posture, observing the mind in it's state, weather it is active and chattering or passive and more at ease.  The mind, and it's fluctuations can be thought of as streams. All of the streams or thoughts of the mind can be scattered or focused. Ultimately as the student continues to practice these, thought forms that are not able to remain in a state of grace, dissolve, and the focus of the student leads to one giant river. This is where being and doing unite.

At that point, the streams or the ego, the part of us that sees ourselves as separate become One. A person who has developed the awareness to watch the mind...will become more observant of thought patterns that lead away from the experience of feeling well...or in a state of peace. Through performing an action, there is an awareness of the minds reaction...which then through observation becomes an opportunity to observe and respond. Continuation of this becomes the students self-study during practice. With time, old thought forms or Samskara's,(patterns of the mind that lead away from the source of freedom, or being in the moment,) fall away. When these thought forms fall away, there is an experience of lighter being, clearer thinking, and; more authentic expression, unclouded by trivial concerns. This is what all of the greatest teachers of our time have taught. In stillness...there is mastery. All we have to do, is stand up, show up, breathe, and observe. No matter what shows up in the form...this practice gives you the opportunity to access far more than a deep stretch or a new twist. the opportunity to get dialed a new channel and realign the "rabbit ears."

 strength + flexibility = balance.