2 Killed in Interstate 40 wreck near Flagstaff

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FLAGSTAFF -- Two people were killed in an early morning wreck on Interstate 40 at milepost 207 outside of Flagstaff.

It happened at about 6:30 Tuesday morning.

According to the Department of Public Safety, a pickup truck carrying two people rolled into the median.

DPS confirms that both people in the truck were killed. They have been identified as 53-year-old Chester D. Jacobson and 61-year-old Jose G. Guerra. Both of them were residents of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Investigators believe the inclement weather was a factor in the wreck.

"At this point, it appears the driver was driving too fast for the road conditions," said DPS Sgt. Jay Hutton. "This collision occurred at about 6:30 this morning, and while the roads are clearing off now, they were icy at that time."

DPS officers are on the scene and an investigation is under way.

Robert Bailey, also with DPS, said officers were also on the scene of a second wreck on State Route 260 near Payson. That one involved a commercial vehicle.

Bailey said chains are required between Payson and Show Low right now. There reportedly have been several wrecks on S.R. 260 the area, as well as on U.S. 60 outside the Salt River Canyon.

"If you don't have to go up north in the next couple of days, we recommend you not," Bailey said. "There's going to be many storms coming into the area and that means treacherous driving conditions."

If you do have to be driving up north, DPS says you need to be extra careful -- slow down and leave plenty of space between you and the car in front you. DPS also suggests you make sure your vehicle is gassed up and your cell phone charged. In addition, you should have food, water, a flashlight and blankets in your car in case you do become stranded.