Thousands turn out for march to honor Martin Luther King

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX - It was cloudy and wet, but that did not stop hundreds of marchers from honoring a man who went up against a lot worse to end racism and change this country forever.

"Even though it's cold and it's raining," said Renee Alex. "We decided to get out of our warm bed and come out because we want to support the organization." Some walked arm and arm while others held messages.


One marcher led the way carrying an eternal flame. It is a powerful message Dr. King left behind, one that is still grabbing a hold of our youth. "Now all races can be together in a whole school," said Jekisha Rhymes. "We can be like a whole world instead of every race being separated."

Monday's march was no different. It's all about coming together. "The weather is not the important thing," said Arizona's Attorney General Terry Goddard. "It's getting people together, making a statement about doctor king's legacy and the importance of equal justice."

Bryan Pettiford said, "There are those people who talk about doing something and then there are those people who walk and the people who are out here right now are walking, so you have to respect what they're doing." The festival at Margaret T-Hance Park ended at 6 p.m. Monday night.