Picture-perfect moment ruined after photography chain closes

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PHOENIX -- A nationwide photography chain has abruptly shut down, leaving Valley consumers out money and pictures.

It's not just consumers but also employees who are owed a lot of money.

Kiddie Kandids is a company that's been around since 1974, but out of the clear blue, they filed for bankruptcy.

The Aubrey family recently welcomed their new bundle of joy.

"Dylan was born Nov. 14, 2009," Angela Aubrey said.

Aubrey says she didn't want to waste any time photographing her little boy so she took little Dylan and the rest of the family to Kiddie Kandids inside Chandler Fashion Center.

"We got some good pictures and we ordered," she said. "Instead of buying the prints, they have the option where you can get the CD."

Aubrey says she paid more than $200 for the picture CD and then waited for the CD to come in.

"So then we get a call either Friday or Saturday that said, 'Oh, your CD's ready, come pick it up,'" Aubrey said.

But Aubrey says when she and her family went to pick up the CD a day or two later, Kiddie Kandids was closed -- permanently.

She went back home to look the company up online and found some disturbing news.

"I see 'Kiddie Kandids closure,'" Aubrey said. "It was dated Jan. 10 and it showed that all of their stores were closing up, that all their employees had been let go with no notice."

According to an online statement, Kiddie Kandids says they have "ceased operations immediately," citing it's due to an "abrupt and unforeseen loss of funding from its banks."

"I cried for a while," Aubrey said.

Aubrey says the ordeal upsets her. Sure, she may be out $200 and that hurts, but knowing she may never get the photos that she and her family took together hurts even more.

"The pictures of him at 6 weeks old with his brother are just priceless to me and I would do anything to just get my hand on that CD even if I had to pay again," she said.

3 On Your Side is still working on seeing what we can do to get those photos so we'll let you know. In the meantime, this is the very reason I say to put things of value on your credit card not your debit card like Aubrey did.

If she had used her credit card, she could have disputed the charge and the credit card company would have returned her money.