Phoenix police arrest two suspects in string of purse snatching robberies

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PHOENIX - Phoenix police arrest to suspects for a string of purse snatching robberies.

The latest incident happened on Sunday when three suspect committed an aggravated robbery at a laundromat near 31st Avenue and Van Buren.

The victim was a 52-year-old female who was there doing her launching with three of her children ages 14-22.

The victim attempted to hold on to her purse, but after being dragged 15 feet the strap on the purse broke enabling the suspect to make off with it. The children also tried to stop the suspects from getting away.

The suspects got away in a white Cadillac sedan, only after striking one of the children and throwing one child into the street.

A Phoenix police detective identified the suspect as Manuel Salazar and a second suspect as Crystal Trevino who aided in the robbery.

Both suspects are in custody.

Police investigation has revealed these suspects were involved in two other purse snatchings as well.