Bank takes woman's mortgage payment twice

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PHOENIX -- A Phoenix woman says her mortgage company accidentally took her monthly payment twice. So, she contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

She tried several times to work out this problem on her own but got nowhere.

For most folks your house payment is your biggest bill and it may hurt a little to pay it. So, as you can imagine, paying it twice in one month really hurts.

That's exactly what happened to Amber Walker.

Walker is a hard-working mom who likes to stay on top of her bills, especially when it comes to her house payment.

"Oh, I'm very cautious of making sure my bills are paid and making sure I don't overdraft because that's embarrassing," she said.

Walker's mortgage is with Bank of America and she pays them every month by using automatic online payments.

But because Walker's payments are going to increase from $1,252 to $1,288, Walker went online to try to make the adjustment, but had a hard time doing so.

So she went to a Bank of America branch for help.

"They said, 'No, I promise you it's not going to come out. You better go make your payment because you're going to be late,'" Walker said.

So, Walker went back to her computer and manually processed her house payment. But three days later, Bank of America automatically withdrew it a second time, meaning Walker paid her mortgage twice.

Needing money for her family, Walker, says she tried to get Bank of America to return the second payment but got nowhere.

"No one has an answer," she said.

So, I contacted Bank of America and asked them to look into Walker's account. They did, and on that same day they put her $1,200 back into her checking account.

Walker says it's money she and her family really need and credits 3 On Your Side for making it happen.

Bank of America was very receptive when I contacted them and they corrected the problem in a matter of hours for me, so thanks.

As for Walker, she's throwing around the idea of paying bills the old-fashioned way -- writing a check.