Spammers and scammers target texting

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PHOENIX -- It seems telemarketers have found a new way to sell you a service or product and consumers are not very happy about it. Telemarketers and even big companies are going after your cell phone.

They're not calling you, but they're texting you, trying to sell you something. Some may be legitimate and some may be scams.

"I will text, especially my brother, and I send picture messages to my mom and mother-in-law," Kira Barker said.

Barker uses her cell phone quite a bit to text her friends and family, but recently Barker says she started getting text messages from someone who wasn't her friend or her family.

"I get these really annoying text messages from I don't know who about getting a homeowner's loan refinanced," she said.

The text message that says this:

"Dear homeowner if you are struggling to make your mortgage payments or have a recent hardship, a modification can help would you like to learn more about this."

Barker asked to be removed from the call or text list mainly because she hates solicitation calls and she doesn't need their service.

"I don't need my mortgage refinanced because I don't have one!" Barker said.

But she says the annoying text messages just keep coming.

"If it is a scam, they probably aren't just doing it to me and I'm worried that somebody's who's desperate will use this to help them." Barker said.

The Better Business Bureau says consumers need to be cautious if they're solicited through a text message.

As for Barker, she's cautious but she also remains frustrated because she doesn't know if the next text will be from a friend or a solicitor.

"It's pesky, it's like a fly in your house, you can't get rid of, it's just irritating!" Barker said.

Wireless carriers take spam very seriously. In fact, Verizon Wireless has sued at least 20 companies over annoying text messages. If you're getting spammed through your cell phone, report it to your cell phone company.