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When you think of organizing your home, you probably picture your cluttered closet or messy home office, but don't forget your bathroom beauty area!  I recently decided to untangle my necklaces, reunite lost earring pairs and declutter a very messy bathroom beauty area.  I expected a cleaner bathroom, but what I didn’t foresee was how less stressed I would be in the mornings because everything now has a place.  I devised a system that gets me out the door on time.  A reduction of Mama morning stress is good for the entire family!  I was also able to fill a big box with nice items to hand over to a charity. 

Before I dove in I knew that buying organization items can add up, so I challenged myself to be as frugal as I could.  Read on to see some useful and sometimes, funny tricks that I discovered like using a muffin pan as a makeup organizer.  Not the prettiest idea, but highly functional and free if you happen to have one in your kitchen cupboard.  I also did some shopping at the addictive Container Store, so there should be plenty of options for you to get your own beauty area organized as you start a new year. 
So you are now invited  into my messy bathroom for some before and after pictures that I am proud of!  To see what I mean, watch the segment.  Now let's get started, but first I have a question for you and I am not talking belly buttons…are you an "innie" or an "outie"?  And let me admit that I stole this unique analogy right out of the March 2010 issue of ShopSmart Magazine.  Check it out for some really good organizing advice.  And be sure to watch the segment to see how I converted my bathroom sink area for under $50!

Step 1:  In or Out?  Decide then Organize!
As ShopSmart Magazine describes, some of us like our stuff out like pretty necklaces that hang on a jewelry tree.  Others prefer to be an "innie" with all jewels safely tucked away in a pretty box.  First decide and then organize.  If you are an "outie" then an attractive jewelry hanging device, like the one I show in the segment from The Container Store, may suit your style.  For you "innies", opt for an attractive box to house your jewels.  And you can use this formula for all of your organizing needs.  Asking yourself this question helps to streamline the task at hand.

Step 2:  Grab The Essentials Before You Start
Begin your quest for a beautiful beauty area by first assembling the basic essentials that will speed up the job.  Grab a trash can, a recycling bag and a donation box.  As you sort, honestly ask yourself if you really wear that bracelet or need that box of base that you got on sale, but may not be your best shade.  As you fill the recycling bin, donation boxes and trash bag, your area instantly starts to really declutter and that just feels amazing!

Step 3:  Organize In Order
I found that organizing in the order that I apply my cosmetics in the morning or take off my makeup at night truly made the job easier and my mornings go smoother!  Check out the segment to see how I grabbed old muffin tins to put my makeup in the order that I put it on my face.  I also found a desk tray organizer from my home office to place my facial cleansing items in.  Now I have my makeup remover, moisturizer, wrinkle cream and exfoliating products in the order that I use them.  Getting ready for bed at night just got a little less stressful, which helps me sleep better.  Less stress, more sleep.  I'll get organized to that! 
As I mentioned earlier the "outie" would put the desk organizer facial cleansing products on the sink, while the "innie" would place it under the sink.  I show both in my segment and I thought both worked well and looked good.  At the end of the day, I decided to be a facial cleansing innie by placing it under the sink, but I kept my new jewelry hanging device out.  So I guess I am an innie/outie combo!  Watch the segment to see which way you prefer.

Step 4: Shop Your Home First
Before you head out the door to shop for organizing bins and baskets, look in your office area, your kitchen and laundry room for some great tools that you already own.  I used the muffin tins for makeup and the desk organizer for my facial cleansing bin.  I also found a big Tupperware jar for my teeth and contact routine.  Since I prefer the bulky electric toothbrush that won't fit into traditional holders and my must-have contact solution is in a big jar, both fit nicely in the food container.  I also experimented with a pencil/pen holder for that bulky toothbrush and that would have worked fine as well.  So shop your home first and then head out for additional get organized tools. 

Step 5:  Where To Shop To Get Organized
My favorite store for this sort of thing is The Container Store.  However with only one Valley location at North Scottsdale Road & Mayo Blvd, just north of the 101, the drive may not be  convenient.  You can browse their items online at  You may also be tempted to overspend there because this store sells every organized tool you can think of for every room in your home.  The good news is that the store is having a 30% off sale on many of their cool items through February 15th, so this is a good time to make your annual trip to The Container Store.  My favorite find there was the necklace holder (see in the segment) that I got on sale for $8.99.  I also purchased a small white shelf for $4.99 to give myself more room under my sink and that worked very well. 
For my assortment of hair brushes and combs, a big Tupperware box from the laundry section of the grocery store only set me back $5.00.  I like this idea because the container keeps the hair on the brush and not all through my bathroom area.  I tried lining up my shampoo, conditioner and lotion bottles side by side underneath the sink, but I really like them better placed in baskets.  I found two long wicker ones at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $12.99 each.  So, I splurged on the baskets, but I used my 20% off coupon that came in the Sunday paper and shaved five bucks off the price. 

To save money, I continued to use plastic drawers that I already had on hand.  After I donated, recycled and tossed a lot of the stuff that I wasn't using, I was able to give myself more room and again, less stress!  Last but not least, I purchased a $7 clear tea bag storage box from The Container Store to place my earrings in.  Now my new bathroom area is a functional and beautiful place to get myself ready for the day and put myself to bed with less stress. 

So all together I spent $45 and I truly could have taken $20 off the total, but I really wanted the wicker baskets!  Not bad and my reduced stress plus the time saved in the morning and evening is priceless.  Happy organizing!