Army Reservist serving in Iraq needs help to keep his license

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PHOENIX -- A Valley man serving overseas says he needs a little help resolving an issue with an Arizona agency.

"I'm proud of him, we've been doing this for a long time," Rita Dean said.

Rita is talking about her husband, Sgt. 1st Class Nathan Dean, who is currently deployed overseas.

"He's in Iraq and he is serving over there to help bring back some of the equipment so that we can get out of Iraq," she said.

The job Nathan holds in the military requires him to have and maintain his commercial driver's license or CDL.

"He's a heavy well mechanic," Rita said. "He works on all the heavy equipment."

Nathan will also be required to have a current CDL when he returns from Iraq so he can continue his civilian job, but that's the problem. Rita says her husband received a letter from the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division saying he needed to renew his CDL right away or there would be consequences.

"Well, by the end of December they are going to suspend his license because he needs to go down there and renew the license," Rita said.

Rita says she tried telling MVD that her husband was in Iraq and that it was impossible to renew his license.

"My concern is when he does come home for leave or things like that, they're going to suspend his license," Rita said. "You know he is going to need to drive and he does use his CDL for work."

3 On Your Side contacted the Motor Vehicle Division and they said there was a new legislative change that requires CDL holders like Nathan to come in and renew every five years.

However, after our involvement, the MVD says they are revising their policy for people who are overseas in the military.

The new policy says out-of-country military members will now have a 60-day window after their return to renew their CDL. That's a huge relief for Rita and her husband who says coming home to a suspended CDL would have put them in a bind.

"It really relieves a lot of pressure off of me as well as my husband," Rita said. Once Channel 3 came in things happened and I'm glad."