KTTU-TV-18 In Focus, Sunday, 1/24/10, 10:30 AM

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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee talks with Sarah Jones, CEO of EMERGE! Center Against Domestic Abuse,

Janet Marcotte, CEO of the YWCA Tucson, and Debbie Rich, the CEO of Sahuaro Girl Scout Council.


In 2008, these three Tucson organizations serving women and girls saw an opportunity to better serve the community.  A strategic alliance was formed to strengthen the delivery of their services and to maximize their resources.  Meanwhile, each remains an independent organization.  The “Partnership for Women and Girls” is an example of how an interdependent network allows each group to do what it does best. 


Jones says when they began talking they realized that a vision was shared----not just to provide quality programs and services----but also a desire to change the world for women and girls.  She says  resources are maximized to change more lives, particularly in this economy. She says all three agencies  are strong alone but together they are truly powerful.


Marcotte says the three organizations impact more than 60,000 women and girls each year. She says each agency impacts the lives women in Southern Arizona-- 52% of the population.  She says together they have the ability to touch every woman’s life.   Together, adds Rich,  the agencies effect lasting sustainable change and empower women and girls to break the cycle of abuse and to build a new generation of leaders.