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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee Interviews Lori LeChien, a U of A graduate and lead trainer for the local Kingian nonviolence trainings offered by the Nonviolence Legacy Project, Tumaini Martin-Kamaria,  a certified level one trainer who has long been involved in domestic violence and treatment,  andJosue Calderon, a 9th grader from Broadway Bridge alternative TUSD school. Josue has been involved with the Nonviolence Legacy Project since its initiation last February. 

It has been established throughout history that violence normally produces more violence. The goal of Kingian nonviolence is not to defeat your opponent but to win your opponent over.
Lori talks about her trip to the University of Rhode Island this past July to take the Level I training with Dr. Bernard LaFayette and colleagues. Since her return, she says she has been a lead trainer for several of the Core Introduction to Kingian Nonviolence trainings offered by the Project.  She says she was on the team of people assisting Dr. LaFayette when he was here in November conducting the Fast-Track Level I training in which 33 people....youth and adults..were certified. Tumaini was one of the people who just got certified as a Level I trainer.
Josue  also went to the University of Rhode Island last summer, then went to  Selma, Alabama. He says he he met with people involved with the Civil Rights Museum in Selma. He says he talked with them about the upcoming 45th Anniversary of the attempted crossing of the Edmund Pettus Bridge on Bloody Sunday by civil rights workers as they were attempting to complete a march from Selma to Montgomery.