Grand jury to hear about Sheriff Joe's alleged abuse of power

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PHOENIX – The feds are taking the next step against Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

3TV has confirmed they have convened a grand jury and will soon start taking witness testimony.
Maricopa county officials will testify next week before a grand jury as they investigate abuse of power allegations against the sheriff.

One county official says they will describe a "reign of terror.....the sheriff has brought to the county offices.”

3TV has also confirmed County Manager David Smith and Deputy County Manager Sandi Wilson received subpoenas this week and they will be the ones testifying for the grand jury. Both are critics of Sheriff Arpaio and both have been targets of a sheriff’s office investigation.

That is what the feds are looking into: Whether Arpaio launches unfair, baseless investigations into political opponents?

Other Arpaio critics who have also spoken to the feds call the move to convene a grand jury a great step forward.

Lydia Guzman, with the We are America Coalition, says, “We've been saying this all along. Arpaio uses his position to bully people. Anyone who steps forward is sure to expect an investigation."

The grand jury will decide if there is enough evidence against Sheriff Arpaio to take an abuse of power case against him to court.

The sheriff has not commented yet but has said in the past he thinks government officials and judges are conspiring against him.