Semi loses load of steel beams in Mesa

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MESA -- A semi truck lost its load of steel beams while driving through Mesa Thursday morning.

It happened near the intersection of Mesa Drive and Southern Avenue. The semi was making a turn and the ties failed to hold down the heavy load.

The "I" beams weigh about 20,000 pounds (10 tons) each and were being hauled to Williams Gateway Airport for use in a new fire station that's being built there.

"The next thing I know, a truck is just driving through slow, and these beams just slide off," said Mike Malone, a driver who was stopped at the intersection at the time. One of the beams hit his car.

"I'm feeling pretty shook up right now," he said.

A forklift was brought in to move the two beams, which are so new the paint was still wet, out of the road and into a nearby parking lot.

That forklift was used to reload the beams onto the semi, a process did not go smoothly; the beams fells a second time.

No injuries were reported.