Valley Homeowners cash in on Cash for Caulkers

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Slowly but surely holiday decorations are coming down and people are preparing to take on the new year.  For many, like the Jack family in Phoenix, one goal in 2010 is saving money.

"There's a lot of expense associated with heating a home.  And there's a lot of simple things you can do to lower cost of heating and/or cooling" says Todd Russo from REEis Energy Consulting and Construction in Phoenix.  Russo and his team hope the business of making homes more energy efficient will boom this year, especially since President Obama is pushing his Cash for Caulkers program.  According to Russo, "The federal government through the Recovery and Reinvestment act - the first stimulus bill - will pick up 30% of the cost of most of these improvements."

At the Jack family's home, the guys from REEis found that the air conditioning system was leaking a significant amount of air, "What we're doing in this house pretty typical of any home" Russo told us.  Their plan of attack: seal the ducts, secure holes and leaks in the house and add insulation.  They can also convert all of your lights to energy savers. 

"Overall if it's gonna save on my electricity bill, I'm glad they're out here doing it" says homeowner Brian Jack.  It cost him $1349 for all of the energy saving improvements.  But he will receive a $250 rebate from APS and a $300 from the Federal Government (as a tax write-off).  Also he hopes to cut down on his electricity bill by at least 35%.  Jack says it's not just about saving money but also about improving his family's carbon footprint, "Anything we can do to make it more energy efficient -- that's why we took advantage of it."

You can find out more information about REEis by visiting their website  3 On Your Side checked the company out, they have an A- rating with the BBB.