Cause for alarm after preset microwave buttons fail

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Picture-perfect…petrified potatoes.

You won't find them in any cookbook, but it's what Jill Starkey says her Electrolux microwave served up after using the preset button to cook a few baked potatoes.

But about 20 minutes later, while Jill was busy getting her two girls ready for bed, the smoke detector in the kitchen began going off.

“I thought, what is going on, the smoke is that thick and I come out here and the smoke is that thick, I actually had to duck to underneath it, and we were really lucky it didn't burn our house down,” Jill recalled.

But it wasn't until the air cleared that she realized the source of the smoke.

She claims the baked potato preset button had actually failed, and continued cooking the food long after it was supposed to.

“People have asked if I had foil in there, no,” Jill continued, “if there was foil or metal in there, there would be pock marks all over.”

Not only did the culinary catastrophe ruin dinner, the $1,500 Electrolux microwave was toast, as seen in a photo taken just after the incident.

3 On Your Side asked Electrolux whether it's experienced similar complaints regarding this microwave model, and in a statement, a representative writes:

“Investigation of our product service and claims data shows that the incident is very unusual. We have made arrangements to replace the Starkey's microwave wall oven and to have the product returned to our engineering group for analysis and evaluation to better understand what happened. Thank you for bringing the matter to our attention.”

Jill claims she'd been asking about a replacement for more than a month, even calling Electrolux while we were at her Queen Creek home, but she says nothing was getting done until 3 On Your Side became involved.

Jill says she could've used a new microwave over the holidays, but is none-the-less looking forward to getting a new one so she can shut the door on the whole ordeal.

Jill did get a brand new microwave. She says an installer came to her home and replaced the old one on January 5th.