$600 Carpet cleaning

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PHOENIX -- Annie Voskanyan says she takes pride in keeping up her home.

"We just remodeled the house and I just wanted to make sure everything was clean," she said.

That's why she wanted her carpets and furniture cleaned.

After seeing an ad from a company called Superior Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning in the newspaper advertising a deal, Annie said, "Why not?"

The prices looked great and even her daughter, Lena, said to do it.

"It should've been around $130, with taxes maybe $145 to $150," Voskanyan said.

Voskanyan said she had it all calculated.

"The sofa was $45, love seat $35, the chair $20 and each bedroom was to be $6.95," she said.

A company representative showed up, but before he began cleaning Voskanyan says she had to sign a work order, which she says was completely blank at the time.

"Before the cleaning, he just told me to sign this paper," Voskanyan said. "When I signed the paper, it doesn't have nothing."

Voskanyan signed the paper and Superior Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning wound up cleaning everything they were supposed to, but then Voskanyan said the representative presented her with a second work order.

"I signed the second paper and he told me, 'Now you have to pay,'" Voskanyan said. "When I looked at the price I said, 'I can't pay that much.'"

Exactly how much? Nearly $600! A far cry from the $150 she intended to pay.

"He told me, 'You don't have a choice, you signed a contract,'" Voskanyan said. "'If you're not going to pay, I'm calling the police on you.'"

Voskanyan paid the $600 with her debit card but when she told her daughter about the amount, Lena immediately called the company to say a mistake must have been made. But Lena says the company told her, "She's responsible for the payment, we have no intentions of refunding you."

Well, that didn't sit well with Voskanyan or her daughter so they contacted 3 On Your Side.

3 On Your Side contacted the owner of Superior Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning. The owner tells us he prides himself on fair pricing and has no idea why his employee presented Voskanyan with two different work orders. As a result, the company agreed to return all $600 to Voskanyan and the owner claims the employee that cleaned Voskanyan's carpet will be terminated.