Beauty resolution solutions

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New Year's resolutions can be a good thing, but they can also leave you feeling overwhelmed and disappointed if you fail to achieve your goals.  So, I have assembled some beneficial New Years beauty resolutions.  Take a look, pick one or two of these goals and start looking and feeling better in the New Year.  

Beauty Resolution Solution #1:  First Floss For A Simple Start
Start with a simple resolution and make flossing your first goal.  A lot of folks don't realize that poor dental care can take years off your life!  Bacteria that accumulates in your gums can travel through your bloodstream to your heart causing all kinds of serious health problems.  The best way to prevent this is to floss daily and by doing this, you are also setting an excellent example for your kids.  You may notice a bit of blood on the string when you first floss.  That shows that there is bacteria in your mouth causing your gums to be inflamed.  With regular flossing the blood will disappear and you will know that you are on your way to good oral health. 
Another benefit of flossing, do it right after dinner and you will be less likely to snack since you won't want to repeat your nightly teeth cleaning routine.  After talking with several dentists, coated floss is recommended like Glide because it slides easily between teeth.

Beauty Resolution Solution #2:  Go For Gum!

I know this sounds crazy, but chew gum to help achieve several of your beauty resolutions.  However, make sure that the gum is sugarless and has Xylitol in it.  Xylitol actually helps to prevent cavities, but  many people don't realize this and choose to chew gum packed with sugar that actually harm your teeth.  Chew gum to stop yourself from biting your nails and from excessive snacking.  If your mouth is busy chewing gum, then you can't use your teeth to chew your nails or to chew fattening foods!  Another plus is that the gum promotes saliva that helps to keep the mouth cleansed.  So go ahead and chew your way to your New Year's resolution success, but do make sure that you are enjoying sugarless gum made with Xylitol!

Beauty Resolution Solution #3:  List it to Lose It!
Many of us make losing holiday weight an annual resolution.  So list it to lose it!  Whether you use an old fashioned pad and paper or go digital with your lists, logging what you eat gives you power.  When the written word is staring you in the face, it makes you accountable.  Losing those last stubborn pounds can be a little bit easier if you are logging your daily food intake.  Plus you may discover through your meal journal which foods may not agree with you and eating patterns that could be tipping the scales the wrong way!  An added incentive, log lists with a friend and share your notes daily.  Knowing that you have to expose your diet notes will make you think twice before you reach for that second serving.  Living with a list also puts you in control.  This will help you to notice any issues that you want to discuss with your doctor during your annual physical.  And get those annual exams scheduled right around your birthday. 

Beauty Resolution Solution #4:  Shop Outside & Color Inside
Now more than ever, it is important to get your daily intake of fruit and veggies.  Two easy resolution solutions to achieve this is to shop outside the perimeters in the grocery store and keep lots of colors inside your plate.  You have heard the phrase, if it is white, don't bite so keep that in mind and fill your meals with colors!  Add berries to your breakfast, spinach and tomatoes to your pasta and put a veggie tray out for snack time and you will be that much closer to getting more fruit and veggies in your body.  Aim for five servings of fruits and veggies daily.  And you will also get a lot of fiber if you eat that much, which is very good for the gut and colon.  Other ideas include whipping up a banana smoothie or mixing up homemade guacamole. 

Beauty Resolution Solution #5:  P.A.R.E.N.T. Yourself To Better Sleep
I believe that our high-stress and technology overloaded society is taking its toll on us and showing up in our sleepless nights.   So here is a sleep solution to try - - parent yourself with several self- discipline tricks that have helped me sleep well!  I came up with a PARENT outline that helped me to find a simple sleep strategy. 

Try this:
Put yourself to bed at the same time each night because the body responds to routine.
Avoid caffeine after 2 p.m.
Relax with restful activities at night like a bubble bath or a stress-free read.
Eat to sleep with foods that calm the body like a glass of milk or a small bowl of oatmeal as carbs can increase serotonin levels which help us sleep.  Avoid alcohol and sugary foods for sure!
Nice jammies that are the right material to keep you asleep.  Winter pajamas are great in the morning, but does the excess material wake you at night?  Check your sleepwear. 
Temperature of your bedroom.  If you wake because you are too hot, try a ceiling fan or adjusting your thermostat.  Try moisture-wicking sheets if you wake with night sweats. 

Beauty Resolution Solution #6: Save Face with Face Savers
Put your best face forward and face the day with these tips.  Create a face saving system that will have you looking good now and years later!  Just remember the word FACE and embrace this outline:
First use sunscreen!  Sun damage not only adds years to your face, but can take years off your life with the risk on skin cancer.  So use a sunscreen first, followed by makeup with a SFP of 15 or more.
Apply wrinkle cream at night because your rejuvenating cells come out as your slumber and work hand in hand with your favorite wrinkle cream.   So dream with wrinkle cream!
Cleanse no matter how tired you are.  Do what Mom said and wash your face before bed.
Exfoliate to rejuvenate!  You don't have to do it daily, but do use a good exfoliating cream at least twice a week.  Dead skin cells will be lifted away and skin will have a healthier glow.

So, there you have it.  My top six picks for good New Years Beauty resolutions.  Floss, chew that gum, make a list, eat well, get some sleep and save your face and you will face the new year feeling great!  Wishing you resolution solution success!