Mountainside Fitness getting back to basics

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With a million different diets and workout plans on the market, it can be difficult finding what works best for you.  I see it time and time again.  My clients hear of a new “fad” diet or the new 30 min workout they read about in some muscle and fiction magazine and they lose sight of the basics in which all diet and workout routines were spawned from.  Today I want to touch on these basic ideals and what it takes to apply these ideals to YOUR routine so that you keep making positive progress towards YOUR ultimate goal!

1.) Food Intake:  Always remember “Calories in, calories out!” 
Protein / Carbohydrates / Fats all contain calories in the end so if you overeat your daily allotment of calories, you’ll store them as body fat no matter where you acquired them from.

2.) Cardiovascular Exercise:  3x per week  /  20 minute minimum
It’s not considered cardio unless you’re optimizing your heart rate.  Try to stay between 60% and 80% of your max HR.  Below you can find what your preferred heart rates are:

(220 – age)  X  .60  =  60% of maximum HR  *min preference*
(220 – age)  X  .80  =  80% of maximum HR  *max preference*

3.) Resistance Training:  Rule of Thumb:  Work each muscle 1x per week 
No matter how many times you are able to make it the gym, try to work each muscle at least 1x per week.  Some basic routines below:

Example Workout Routines:
1x week  =  Full body workout *circuit train*
2x week  =  Upper body one day per week / Lower body another that week
3x week  =  Chest & Back / Legs /  Shoulders & Arms
4x week  =  Chest & Triceps / Shoulders & Traps / Legs / Back & Biceps
5x week  =  Chest / Back / Legs / Shoulders / Arms
6x week  =  Chest / Back / Legs / Shoulders / Biceps / Triceps