Grilled jalapenos boursin Alaskan king crab stuffing

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1 lb. picked Alaskan King Crab Meat (Cooked)
½  lb. fresh calamari rings cut into 1 inch spirals
½ cup Boursin Cheese
24 Large Jalapeno Peppers
Juice of two lemons
2 Tbsp. chopped Tarragon (fresh)
Salt and pepper to taste
4 Tbsp. olive oil

On a hot grill with 2 tablespoon olive oil grill peppers on each side for two minutes, then reserve
Mix crab with boursin, tarragon, lemon juice and salt/pepper.  Make sure crab is at room temperature
Place in a pastry bag and pipe ¾ into Jalapeno
Place calamari rings around stuffed Jalapeno
Put 2 Tbsp. olive oil into a hot sauté pan.
Heat oil till some smoke appears
Sear for 30 seconds over very high heat

Yields: Six