City Council meets to address budget issues

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The Tucson City Council is going into the new year facing a potential $32M revenue shortfall before fiscal year 2011 starts. Their first session of the year is on Tuesday.

The Tucson city council's first meeting of the year will again be at the convention center...Inside the copper ballroom -- a 700 person capacity. It's necessary. Council members predict the room will once again be filled.

The city's 2010 budget has stirred a lot of emotion, which for council members has meant lots of holiday work.

Balancing the budget is their first priority right now.

One of the biggest decision's they have to make -- imposing what's being called a temporary landlord tax, a tax proposed by city manager Mike Letcher that would affect rental property owners. Letcher says it'll help stabilize funding and maintain core services -- like police and fire personnel. Council member Steve Kozachik opposes such a tax.

Kozachik says a landlord tax would hurt people who rent -- specifically low income residents. He says there's another option.

Cutting is one part. The community will have another part.