New Year's resolution solutions

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The latest research study reports that over 88 percent of all New Year’s weight-loss resolutions will fail. With numbers these dismal, how can we ensure that we are one of the successful 12 percent that will achieve our weight loss goals and beyond?


Want it. Prepare for it. Enjoy the ride.

1) Do it for yourself. First and foremost, remember that this is YOUR goal and YOUR journey. It requires some time and energy. You may have to arrange your schedule a bit to accommodate your exercise and nutrition…but if you don’t do it, it don’t get done!

2) Get the gear. Exercise is fun by itself, but getting into the exercise groove can sometimes be a bit intimidating. Give yourself something to look forward to when exercising: listening to your new playlist, rockin your new shoes, new clothes, or playing a new Wii game, or messing with your new cell phone apps.

3) Accountability. Nothing is stronger than the influence of a support group. Recruit a family member, friend, or loved one to embark on this journey with you. This will increase your chances of success exponentially. Be sure to select a partner that:
a. Has similar goals (example: weight loss, muscle gain, sports performance, etc)
b. Is close in physical ability level.
c. Has a positive attitude toward reaching their health and fitness goals, and wants it as much as you do!

Note: There are some incredible free community sites online where you can find weight loss ‘buddies’ to keep you accountable. They also provide the tools to help track your daily nutrition and exercise:

4) Structure, structure, structure. This is the most important aspect of true fitness results. You have to KNOW what to do!! The BEST methods for permanent weight loss require structure and education. Find a trainer. Find an online program. There are many out there, so find one that provides results that you are looking for, and sign up!! There is usually a financial commitment (they cost money), but research has proven that when we pay for a service we increase our chances of success exponentially – because we actually value it!!

Note: With a quick google search, you can find pages of programs out there. I, of course, am partial to In my opinion, it’s the best one out there!

So a very Happy New Year and congratulations on your new lifestyle dedicated toward your health and happiness. Welcome to your journey!