Check your bill closely cause you might be being overcharged

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GILBERT - For years a Gilbert man says he was being over-charged for garbage services.

It cost him hundreds of dollars and if you don't check your bill, you could be paying extra too.

“This is an organizational problem and it's been corrected,” said Gilbert Town Manager George Pettit owning up to a mistake made by a solid waste worker seven years ago.

3 On Your Side began looking into the issue after receiving an e-mail from a Gilbert resident claiming he'd been being overcharged for trash containers since 2002.

“In November of 2002, he had 2 containers, he wanted us to pick up one of them, and so we did, but the crew from the field never communicated that information to the billing staff,” Pettit said.

In this case, that miscommunication resulted in a customer being charged $600 too much.

“And so his bill was never corrected, so from December of 2002 forward, he was being billed for 2 containers when he in fact only had 1,” Pettit said.

Pettit says the homeowner should've caught the error, but to clear up any confusion, Gilbert has recently changed to a more itemized billing format.

Old bills didn't break down how many containers you were being charged for, but the new bills separate your number of bins from how many times they are picked up per week.

“Obviously if people think that they have the wrong information with the new billing format, and they don't think they're being billed in accordance with what their service are, we'll be more than happy to look at it,” he said.

Although the town is only legally obligated to reimburse six months of billing errors,  it did refund our viewer in full.

“Given the additional circumstances and the demand for additional payment it was our error and so he got 7 years worth of reimbursement,” Pettit said.