Technical glitch in pay as you go SRP power system

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PHOENIX - About 93,000 SRP M-Power customers could have been without power due to a technical glitch.

Jeff Lane from SRP public relations said a technical glitch on Saturday disabled all the M-Power card kiosks in the Valley.

The M-Power card serves customers with pay as you go electricity. These customers buy power and load it on an electric debit card which is then inserted into a power box inside your home giving it electricity.

According to Lane this is the first time the company has experienced such a wide spread outage and the company has technicians trying to fix the problem.

Customers can use the emergency code, 7183-1924-9398-0502, to power your home while the M-Power system is down.

Lane said the customer service number at 602-236-8888 is having some problems, but they want customers to be aware they are working on the issue.